There are several different directions a company can take to grow their business: Increase existing customer activity, acquire new customers and reinvigorate lapsed customers. Successfully targeting and cultivating any of these three branches rests on a deep understanding of your customer’s behavior and profile.

Branch Consulting provides detailed analysis of your customer base, ideal customer profiles, and marketing/messaging plans to successfully and effectively target any segment to grow your business. Using customer demographic and behavioral data points we develop hierarchical directories and targeted messaging programs to successfully increase customer activity.


750,000+ Customer Behaviors Studied

70,000+ Customers Surveyed

25% Increase in New Customer Return Rates


28% Increased Customer Participation


Dave Leitch, Principal at Branch Consulting, has over 25 years’ experience in customer base development, retention strategies and new market expansion that provides his customers with opportunity identification and solutions-based analysis. His strengths in strategic planning, metrics development, market analysis and promotions help to deliver to his clients detailed, quantifiable, and successful results. He has broad experience in written communications, name re-branding, public speaking, community media and public relations.

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